Blue Peter Bracket and bullet cam

Anyone brit of my generation will recall Blue Peter demonstrating how to make things out of old household items, empty washing up liquid bottles and so on.

For a while now, I have wanted, perhaps needed, a dash/shelf on the bike. It came with a SatNav mount, but it is mounted near the middle of the handlebars which is just way too low down to be much use. Apart from having to look down, away from the road, to see it, the damn screen tended to reflect the sky in that position so was barely readable.

I also wanted some accessories and need a place to mount them. Last week, I stumbled across a bullet video cam. Designed really for pedal bikes, it seemed a potential bargain at £9.99 plus shipping. A 16GB MicroSD card for the same amount brought the total to just over £20 with shipping. Worth a punt from I thought. Especially as you don’t get much change from £200 if you buy a GoPro!

So I needed a mount for it. I dug out two small, old, shelf brackets, some coach bolts and cut a length off a mop handle. After drilling, cutting, bolting together and painting, here is what I ended up with. I call it my accessory shelf mark 1. I am planning to add a marine USB outlet and some other bits and pieces in the future.


Battle Me – Hey Hey, My My

For those of you with an interest in riding bikes, if you haven’t watched “Son’s of Anarchy”, then you are missing some good TV. As is the norm for such series, it is full of inaccuracies and has some fairly inane storylines, but it is well worth watching.

My elder brother got me into motorbikes when I was in my teens. He has past away now, a lifetime of various substance abuses surprisingly didn’t kill him. The big C did.

This track is for you kidda. We miss you. Battle me – Hey Hey, My My.